Labor Day

Growing up we spent every Labor Day working.  My parents said “It’s called Labor Day.  That means we’re supposed to be laboring.”  As an adult, I totally get it.  There is always so much to be done and it’s hard to find days when everyone is around and available.  However, I really really want to have Monday free to relax so I started out the weekend being a slave driver.

I woke up early on Saturday despite the fact that it was a Saturday and I had no where to go. It’s weird to wake up early for no reason.  Not a fan!  I guess it’s something about daily routine, getting old, and the awareness that no one else will do my house work.

My husband and kids slept in so I managed to get laundry going, the kitchen cleaned (including all counters wiped down), and some baseboards wiped down too.  Then, I forced everyone to get up and help.  I think they were pretty excited about it.  What’s not to love about spending a Saturday keeping the laundry going, doing tons of chores, and not going anywhere?

After working all day I kidnapped my husband and we went on an outing to the mall.  Not his favorite place, but I had a couple things I needed to get before school on Tuesday so I made it a date.  It’s lovely to have a child old enough to leave the twins with so we can just drop everything and go.  It was also nice to be able to go into stores without having little people who wanted to look at and touch everything.  Or, having a girl who doesn’t want to go in the boy store or a boy who didn’t want to go in the girl store.  We just went in, did what we needed to do, and left. Fun!

When we got home the boys wanted to go outside and work out so Cora decided to play make over and dress up.  She makes me laugh with her being such a girl.  She pulled out my thick black eyeliner, dark mascara, high heels, reading glasses and big earrings.  We had a ball.



After that, we went over to watch our oldest practice for his upcoming swim meet.  He has gotten so much faster since he started swim team.  Pretty cool.   Of course, his little brother decided the best way to “help” would be to grab and inner tube and make waves.  He was having the best time and I think it was because he thought he was annoying his brother.  Here’s some pics of his face – you be the judge.

We may have spent most the day working, but I really really enjoy my family.  I just feel so blessed to have such great kids and a great husband.  I can’t imagine having a family I don’t want to be around.   And, now to enjoy the rest of my weekend.


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