Swim Team Life Lessons

I had my first experience with a swim meet last week.  Turns out it’s much different than a basketball game or a volleyball game.

It didn’t occur to me how many kids were on each swim team.  And, I also didn’t realize how many different races there are/could be.  The other thing I forgot to think about was that there was a lot of sun…right on the bleachers.  Next meet I’ll be more prepared.  Despite being unaware – I learned a lot and had a blast.

It was fun to see all the kids swimming, cheering, and having a great time.  Some of the kids were so talented!  I only played volleyball and basketball in high school so I didn’t really understand the scoring system at first.  But, once it was explained to me (after the meet) it made more sense.  I wasn’t sure if cheering by parents was allowed, but anyone who knows me knows that I cheered anyway.  I took lots of pictures and clapped and yelled.  It seemed weird NOT to.  The thing that struck me the most was that even when someone was losing and was the last person done with the race – their entire team came over and cheered them until they were at the end.  AND, not one of those people gave up simply because they were losing.  That, my friends, is a life lesson.  Keep going no matter what.  Finishing is just as important as trying.

I can’t wait to go watch again.  Go Lions!


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