Road Rage

This morning was a normal morning from a mom standpoint.  I got everyone up, got everyone ready to leave the house for school, hopped in the car and drove off.

My oldest was heading off to camp for 3 days and needed to be to school a few minutes early to check in so we left the house a few minutes early.  We drove our normal route.  We ended up at the usual stop light.  I was the third car back in line and the light basically flashed green – just long enough for one car to make it through the intersection.  Then it turned yellow and red.  It stayed red for quite some time.  Other lanes of traffic kept getting to go.  Our light didn’t change.  Finally, the car in front of me swerved into the straight lane and got to go on their green light.  I stayed where I was.  Then, the kids started in:

“We’ve been at this light FOREVER!  Why isn’t it changing!?!”

“Everyone else keeps getting a turn!  Why aren’t we going yet?”

“Mom, call the city!  This light is lame!”

I looked at the clock – we still had a little bit of time to be early.  I wasn’t worried about it and told the kids that it was fine – no worries.

But, their complaining continued.  I watched the clock.  We sat there for another 6 minutes.  Not a long period of time, really.  But, it is quite a bit of time to spend at a light…especially after you’ve been sitting there for awhile already.  When the light finally turned green – it flashed quickly – just long enough for us to make it through the intersection and then back to red. My kids continued to complain about how bogus the light was.  It got me thinking…

1. When I was under the age of 15 and a 1/2 – I had no idea about how lights worked and who got to go when.  I don’t know that I ever looked out to pay any attention.

2. My children have no patience.  I am sure they get it from their mother.

3. The light definitely had a problem, but apparently, I am old enough to not worry about it and just assume that someone else will call in and complain.

Hopefully, since my children are so aware of the rules of the road – they will be able to chill long before they are in their late 30’s.



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