Recently, I have been struggling with deadlines.  I don’t mean meeting deadlines.  I don’t mean the fact that there are deadlines set.  I mean, I struggle when others set deadlines and don’t meet them.

I am not conceited enough to think that I have never missed a deadline.  I also realize that things happen that make it difficult or impossible to meet a deadline.  However, when the behavior becomes a norm instead of an occasional issue – it’s a problem.  The whole point of a deadline is that it’s something that if you don’t meet it – all efforts are futile.  I mean, right?  Isn’t that the point?  So, if someone is constantly performing futile efforts how are they allowed to continue?

I guess my lesson in this is that I need to make a better effort to be understanding and accepting in whatever is coming my way. I can do my best and simply hope that others do their best as well.  That darn judgemental thing again…I seriously need to work on that!

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