No children allowed!

I was looking at blogs the other day and saw a title ‘Recipes for people without children’.   Truth be told, I wanted to click and read it, but I just didn’t have the time.  I passed by the link and finished the task at hand.  But, the title stuck with me.

I don’t think it ever occurred to me that people who don’t have kids should have different recipes than people who do.  Are there certain ingredients the human body cannot tolerate until a certain age and then the body automatically knows that it can be used as fuel?  The whole idea is just really really interesting.

My children have certain likes and dislikes.  But, really – who doesn’t?  Adults have that same issue.  I really dislike avacado.  I really dislike marshmallows.  I’m not sure if that classifies me for the recipe book for people with or without children.  My 10 year old daughter would eat only vegetables and sushi if she could pick her diet.  My 10 year old son would eat only frozen burritos and chicken nuggets.  They have been fed the exact same food from before the time they were born.  Their palates couldn’t be any more different.

I guess what struck me about the title of the link was that it conveyed to me in just the five words that the person thought they were some other species or something.  They were somehow different from people with children.  Not every family who has children allows them to dictate what they eat.  True parenting is training children to become well adjusted adults.  It is not learning to pacify a child by giving in to their every whim.


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