It’s been a wild week so far and I still have a few days left to survive.  There are just those times when life comes up and kicks your feet right out from under you and you’re laying on your back thinking, “what the heck just happened??”

We started the week down one car.  That’s always frustrating, but something we can make work – just takes more effort.  I knew my mom would be starting her radiation this week, but that’s something that still weighs on my heart.  It’s just another thing for her to deal with after the chemo and mastectomy.  On Tuesday my oldest called from school with the stomach flu.  I had to leave work and go pick him up.  On my way back from the school I got a call from my daughter’s pediatric neurologist.  Her latest EEG showed some issues.  They want us to consider doing surgery.  I am not good at processing that sort of information.  I went into immediate freak out mode.  What does brain surgery mean?  How will this affect her in the future?  We made our consult appointment (We go in the 5th) and now I am waiting.  As I’ve mentioned before, I stink at waiting.  I contacted most of my friends and asked them to pray.  Sometimes the day is just too much.  So, I took a sleeping pill and went to bed.  I woke in the morning refreshed, and feeling renewed.  My body was rested, but my heart felt rested too.  There are still so many questions and so many things to figure out, but for today I am calm.  I am waiting patiently for what the future holds.  And, I have co-workers who will bring me flowers like these to brighten my week.  So, that’s nice too. 🙂

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