Army of Minion

Generally when I receive a unrealistic deadline I break my neck trying to reach it and then finally have to say I can’t make it.  I do this to my detriment.  I also have difficulty communicating it in the beginning because I assume if I push hard enough I can make it happen.  Most the time that is true.  But, not always.

Yesterday, when I told the person who was nearly two days late getting me his documents that his tardiness would make it impossible for me to fulfill his request that I ‘finish early” so he “can get out of here” he offered to help and to bring his staff down to help too.  I was leery. I told him that it would cost a lot to pay them to do my job.  He said it was worth it to make the client happy.  So, within 10 minutes he was back with multiple of his staff.  I have only once had someone who was ‘important’ do that while I’ve been here and it was so amazing to see them all show up.

The best part about them all being in my area was that while I was training them and they were working there were repeated comments like “this is hard!  I’m tired.  How do you do this all day? This really takes a long time!”  YES!  Exactly.  Against all popular belief (which I do my best to instill in everyone) I am not magic.  I do not create these things out of thin air.  Instead, I work as hard as I can as fast as I can to make miracles happen.  It was rewarding.

Here are my army of minion

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