I hit 3000 views of my page.  Thank you, adoring public! LOL!



I’ve had a few people ask me recently why I blog. I have my rehearsed answer that I’ve given since I started writing (way back when – in High School). But, for some reason I was thinking about it as I was driving kids around the other day. The rehearsed answer probably isn’t the whole truth. Blogging is something I do for myself. That’s the answer I give people. I find it relaxing. It’s a way to get my feelings out that really doesn’t have anything to do with anyone. So, blogging ‘just for myself’ is partially true. But, if it were fully true – I’d just keep my blog private and not share with anyone because me reading what I write would be enough.

Instead, I make my profile public-ish. I share the link on my Facebook. It’s not a vanity thing. I admit, I used to be vain about my writing. Now, I do it so infrequently – I can tell it has degraded. Nothing I blog is polished, refined, or even proof read (the horror of it all!!!). I used to write and try to perfect things on nearly a daily basis. I didn’t understand why my friends who wanted to be writers didn’t spend more time. Now that I have a husband and children – I get it. A full wonderful life is a busy life. Each of those people are a blessing, and blessings take time to enjoy. A choice has to be made at some point and the choice is – do I continue in my hobby or do I enjoy each moment I have with the blessing of family God gave me?

I’ve come to realize that blogging in a public sphere helps me feel like others understand what I’m talking about. Even if none of my friends understand when I’m having an emotional breakdown – someone in the universe gets it and will ‘like’ my blog or will comment. It’s a camaraderie thing. It’s about misery loving company. There is something amazing about knowing that someone in Africa or Europe read the words I put down and maybe thought that it made sense.

There are days when I’m overwhelmed by the reality of life. Writing out my opinions and feelings helps me to sort through that. Having others read it and relate or read it and advise gives me comfort. It pulls me out of the little circle I live in and helps me realize the world is so much bigger. There are people out there with bigger problems that I can’t even imagine. I like to think that maybe my simple life gives them a different perspective too.

So, for those who think blogging is stupid or a waste of time – feel free to pass on reading mine. There is no greatness to be found here. My simple life documented in a quirky way is what I’m sharing.

For those who understand the desire to commiserate and enjoy the camaraderie of the online world – read away. Share your thoughts and opinions. I’m happy to have you.

Mi vida loca

What a wild and crazy weekend we had. Sheesh. I need another weekend to recover. My husband and oldest son were off hunting so I was single parenting. That always makes me worry just a bit. I know that my life is a constant partnership so it is odd when that isn’t available to me. I made it though.

The twins and I had a night of catching up on chores Friday night. Then, we had football pictures and a football game on Saturday. There was one play where my son got knocked over. He flipped head over heels and landed on his head. I sat in my chair thinking “Did he really just break his neck and/or leg while his dad is out of town!?!” But, he was able to get up, rest for a minute, and was fine. (Praise God).

Saturday night we had a youth group event. Usually, I have a helper or two for that, but the usual suspects were not available. I got it all together myself and then had two gracious parents offer to hang out just to help. Awesome. We carved pumpkins, ate tons of pizza and cupcakes, played voice tag, played Pictionary and still kids were wanting to stay. I love when they are having enough fun to want to stay.

Sunday morning brought church. I wasn’t feeling well, but got up and went anyway. Then, I ended up spending the rest of the day in bed/on the couch. Thankfully, my husband came home late Sunday evening. He and my oldest filled their tags and were back sooner than anticipated.

Now, on to the next week. Lots to do….

What I’ve learned working at the local shelter

Our youth group leadership recently decided that instead of just talking about how we should be showing Christ to the community – we wanted to help our kids do that.  So, we called our local rescue mission and set up a recurring service date for our youth to go serve there.

I will admit that my original thought process when talking about scheduling such a thing was that I would really be helping out our youth and in turn, they would be helping out the local community.  But, now that we’ve been doing this for a few months – my perspective has changed.  It’s funny how God does that for us, isn’t it?

So, here are a few things I’ve learned while working at the Good News Rescue Mission:

  1. I am insanely picky about what I eat, how often I eat the same thing, and how it is placed on my plate.
  2. Parents who are homeless or just hungry still love their kids enough to make them eat their veggies first.
  3. Smiling at someone can change their entire attitude.
  4. My children and I really need to spend more time with people who are in need.
  5. Even though I want to love people who are ‘poor’ the same way Christ did – I am truly scared the majority of the time. (This hasn’t stopped me from volunteering, but it’s a fear I face each time we do it)  Pray for me in this!
  6. People who are in need still appreciate a good sermon.
  7. Good manners are not necessarily based on someone’s income.
  8. I haven’t been truly hungry in a long time and I have no idea what it would be like to be grateful for just one meal a day.
  9. Our youth have big hearts and even when they are out of their comfort zones they are willing to serve.-
  10. I am blessed beyond measure.

No School

It’s interesting to watch each child decide when he or she wants to go to school and when he or she does not.  This leads to the ever popular “I’m sick” line.

This line carries no magic at our house.  Being ‘sick’ is not an automatic ‘get out of school free card’.   I do not want my children infecting the rest of their class if they are truly ill, but I also don’t want my kids getting away with lame excuses for not going to school.

Recently, I’ve been dealing with a child who has decided he does not need to attend school every day.  He has a different excuse each time.  I know he’s making it out to be worse than it is.  I’ve decided that instead of yelling at him I will explain why his excuse is not acceptable each time or how we can fix the issue without him needing to be home.  While this is happening I’m wondering if he notices a pattern yet?  It isn’t even that he thinks school would be better somewhere else.  He just assumes he has enough information to survive the rest of his life.  I know this because we had a discussion where he said he wanted to home school because the then he wouldn’t have to do any school work.  After clarifying that myth for him he decided home school was not the answer.

The first excuse was that he was sick and needed me to pick him up because he was pretty sure he would be vomiting soon.  I told him as soon as he did to text me back and I would be right there.  This was obviously not the answer he wanted.  He did not text back.  He has had others, but all have been greeted with a response of how to fix his situation etc.

So, last week he sent me a text asking if he could go home from school.  The conversation went like this:

Me: Are you sick?

Him: no

Me:  Is someone bullying you or hurting you?

Him: No.  I just don’t want to be here.

Me: I don’t want to be at work either.

Him: Can I go home?

Me: Can I quit my job?

Him:  See you tonight

Today he sent a text saying his back hurts and could he go home because the chairs are not helping.  I do know that his back is sore.  That is a valid complaint.  However, he will not be any more comfortable at home.  He was not at school on Saturday or Sunday and his back was still bothering him then.  So, I said “I will call the school and tell them you can have advil.”

I am not sure how long this phase will last.  I’m hoping it ends soon.  I know I still have two more.  They are only in the beginnings of wanting to skip school. My daughter does not want to miss this year because she wants to get the ‘prize’ that is offered for not missing any days.  I have no idea what the prize is, but she is like me and we are motivated by prizes – even small ones.  I think that’s part of the adventure of motherhood.  We get to find out what makes our children tick and help them learn to motivate themselves.