What I’ve learned working at the local shelter

Our youth group leadership recently decided that instead of just talking about how we should be showing Christ to the community – we wanted to help our kids do that.  So, we called our local rescue mission and set up a recurring service date for our youth to go serve there.

I will admit that my original thought process when talking about scheduling such a thing was that I would really be helping out our youth and in turn, they would be helping out the local community.  But, now that we’ve been doing this for a few months – my perspective has changed.  It’s funny how God does that for us, isn’t it?

So, here are a few things I’ve learned while working at the Good News Rescue Mission:

  1. I am insanely picky about what I eat, how often I eat the same thing, and how it is placed on my plate.
  2. Parents who are homeless or just hungry still love their kids enough to make them eat their veggies first.
  3. Smiling at someone can change their entire attitude.
  4. My children and I really need to spend more time with people who are in need.
  5. Even though I want to love people who are ‘poor’ the same way Christ did – I am truly scared the majority of the time. (This hasn’t stopped me from volunteering, but it’s a fear I face each time we do it)  Pray for me in this!
  6. People who are in need still appreciate a good sermon.
  7. Good manners are not necessarily based on someone’s income.
  8. I haven’t been truly hungry in a long time and I have no idea what it would be like to be grateful for just one meal a day.
  9. Our youth have big hearts and even when they are out of their comfort zones they are willing to serve.-
  10. I am blessed beyond measure.


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