Mi vida loca

What a wild and crazy weekend we had. Sheesh. I need another weekend to recover. My husband and oldest son were off hunting so I was single parenting. That always makes me worry just a bit. I know that my life is a constant partnership so it is odd when that isn’t available to me. I made it though.

The twins and I had a night of catching up on chores Friday night. Then, we had football pictures and a football game on Saturday. There was one play where my son got knocked over. He flipped head over heels and landed on his head. I sat in my chair thinking “Did he really just break his neck and/or leg while his dad is out of town!?!” But, he was able to get up, rest for a minute, and was fine. (Praise God).

Saturday night we had a youth group event. Usually, I have a helper or two for that, but the usual suspects were not available. I got it all together myself and then had two gracious parents offer to hang out just to help. Awesome. We carved pumpkins, ate tons of pizza and cupcakes, played voice tag, played Pictionary and still kids were wanting to stay. I love when they are having enough fun to want to stay.

Sunday morning brought church. I wasn’t feeling well, but got up and went anyway. Then, I ended up spending the rest of the day in bed/on the couch. Thankfully, my husband came home late Sunday evening. He and my oldest filled their tags and were back sooner than anticipated.

Now, on to the next week. Lots to do….


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