Of interest

Recently, I have noticed something that I probably noticed before, but somehow it’s more apparent now.  Everyone has interests and, for whatever reason, we think our personal interest is more important than anyone else’s interest.

Obviously, that’s a self centered state of mind.  I know we all do it.  It’s the little things I’ve started noticing more.  For example – my sisters love to decorate their homes.  They have amazing talent at decorating.  They each hint on occasion that perhaps I should do some decorating or painting in my house.  They are not wrong.  But, my interest isn’t there.  I wonder how they can care about something like that. They wonder how I don’t care.  Just different interests.

Anyone who knows me knows that we spend a lot of time doing youth sport stuff.  We also do lots of other things, but our children play sports year round so people tend to notice that.  One thing that is pretty common with coaching youth sports is that we don’t really punish children for having other interests. We are supposed to make exceptions.  If a child has some sort of play or church event we don’t tell them they have to skip it. We try to figure out how to work both in because being well rounded is important and most kids don’t really even know what they want to do or where their talent lies.’

It makes me sad that this isn’t the case with everything kids participate in.  I totally understand commitment.  I understand wanting to have everyone participate in every aspect of whatever interest is being persued.  But, truth be told, it’s pretty vain to think that somehow whatever interest we are leading is somehow more important than anything else that is happening around us. 




The past couple of months have been pretty crazy.  My work has been slow, my husband’s business lost some work and yet all our bills stayed the same.  We also added the insanity of basketball season for three kids.  We apparently like it when life is adventurous.

Thankfully, we only had two month of lost work for our business. The new year will bring new clients. They’ve already been signed. My work has picked up dramatically which is quite lovely too.

I realize this ebb and flow is normal for adult life.  Sometimes, I just wish I could cause it to flow at different times than it does.  Like everyone, we have the stress of Christmas.  I work to purchase gifts slowly through the year to ease some of that stress.  This year was no different.  Now, I am close to being done.  I have one gift to buy.  As usual, my husband and I did not buy each other gifts because we like to use what we have to spoil our kids.

At the same time, each year my office has a raffle. I buy tickets every time, and I have only participated in two raffles where I didn’t win anything in 8 years.  Today was the drawing and I won the grand prize. I am soooo excited!  Love winning.  Love getting things I would never buy myself.  I am now the excited owner of a Microsoft Surface.