DIY is not for me.

I come from a family of 7 children.  That’s right – 7!  If you’ve ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding  you’ve had a small taste of what how I view our family in my mind.  I love the loudness and the crazy the majority of the time.  I love how we all have different talents and we have such a wide variety of things to talk about.

One of the things that I hide from the family (and I’m sure they will read this and say I don’t hide it well) is my inability to do DIY projects well.  I’m terrible.  I want to be good at them.  But, the truth is – I stink.  Things that normal people (as I view them from my own life) do easily I find myself flubbing up. On the opposite end of that spectrum is my siblings. They do wonderful home improvement projects and they turn out beautifully. They see nice things on DIY shows, in books, or on the web and they create them in their homes.

I love a good paint job in my house.  But, every time I paint the ceiling I managed to get that color on the walls I’m trying to offset or I somehow get the ONLY primer that doesn’t really cover the color I had before or the painting tape I bought is the only roll ever manufactured to stick so tight it pulls the paint off the walls.  

This weekend I decided I was sick of the mold in the caulking of our tub.  We had a handy man do it previously and it never looked right and the d the mold started growing immediately after having it done.  I googled how to remove it and I did a great job removing it (this goes with my ability to cause great destruction and does not count as a DIY ability).  Then, I went to the hated home improvement store.  One reason I hate these stores because my husband has the ability to spend hours and hours there without finding a single thing to purchase.  But, even more than that I hate them because as I walk around DIY project ideas taunt me and make me feel bad about myself (the same reason I avoid pintrest) for my lack of skill.  Anyway, I went and asked the man in the paint/caulking department what I needed to get.  He informed me there is a new tape style of caulking for tubs that is easy to use.  I was excited about it.  I threw it in the cart and checked out – excited to use my new purchase when I got home.  

Once I got home my husband took pity on me and said he’d help me.  He took the roll of stuff I bought (he was skeptical and did not seem as overjoyed and trusting as I was of the sales man) and put it on the tub.  First, it wouldn’t round the corners of the tub.  So, he spliced it and tried to fill in the gaps that were left.  After we waited the required 3 hours to let it set we went to look at the finished product.  The tape was bubbling up and peeling off already.  My husband gave me the look that said “I knew this wouldn’t work.”  So, he went to the store and bought actual caulking.  When we got home he re-caulked the tub.  But, it didn’t turn out smooth and nice like it did in the videos we googled.  Even the tool we purchased didn’t work to fill it in properly.  And, by the time we got it smoothed and tried to fix the parts that weren’t it was already drying and started to get even more lumpy.  So, we left it.

Annoyed and frustrated I googled how much it would cost to hire a professional to caulk a tub.  I ended up finding several scoffing comments about how caulking a tub is the easiest DIY project ever and basically only the mentally handicapped are unable to do such a project.  

I’m done for awhile – at least until I forget how frustrated I am at the moment.