Football Newbs

It’s been three days and my oldest son is still alive. This week is Hell Week for football. Football is a new experience in our house. I’ve always sworn my kids wouldn’t be allowed to play because I value their limbs and their brains too much. But, Dad gave permission and so here we go.

I have been praying hard all summer that my oldest son would change his mind about this sport I fear. I overheard his little brother telling him “Look, if you play and you don’t get hurt or killed – Mom will probably let me play. So, just play really great, okay?” Yes, do not get hurt or killed. In fact, neither would be just fine by me.

But, here we are. I went to the parent meeting. I signed the form that had all sorts of possible injuries (including DEATH). My best friend said to our boys “Go get your football costumes and then let’s go!” Costumes – do we sound like newbs? Of course, when my son informed me he needed to buy a chin guard I said “do you need a cup?” He shrugged. Being ME I went and asked the coach. He and his son chuckled at me. Um, it seems to me that MOST boys would think that was the most important gear. Apparently, I’m wrong. And, also apparently, that is embarassing…

When we got home we forced the boys to try on their gear so that I could have a good Instagram/Facebook photo (duh!)

Bright and early Monday morning I drove my boy out to the field and watched him walk to a group of very large and very rowdy boys. Some of them look like full grown men. I wanted to stay and watch, but I didn’t want to embarrass him so I pulled away and went to work. I drove back to pick him up in time to see some hitting drills. I still don’t understand how it’s fun, but I also am not a boy so I suppose that makes sense.

Today we had some work to do at the school. My husband took all three kids to help. When I showed up my oldest said “Mom, I’m tired. I don’t want to scrub.” I said “I understand you’re tired, but you have to finish.” I looked over a few minutes later and this is what I saw:
This kid scrubbing, but on his back and laughing so hard because he finds himself amusing.

So, we’ve made it three days. Everyone is still alive. I’m sure it will all be fine. But, we’re newbs. It’s yet another adventure in our crazy lives. I wonder what’s next?

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