The Struggle is Real

There are days when ignoring any sort of healthy thought, eating, or movement sounds reasonable.  Oh, there are days.

I’ve started eating healthier (again).  I realize it is a life long struggle for some of us and I will learn to be better at it by doing it every day.  I also realize that if what I’m doing isn’t realistic and doesn’t fit into real life situations – it’s not even worth my time to start it.

So, along with eating better I have started to work on my head and my heart.  I started the “Made to Crave” Bible study (check out the book here).  It’s helping me deal with important issues like the fact that it’s okay for me to cry about the struggle.  I’m not a weirdo and there are others who do the same thing!  I’m learning that lots of people actually hate every second of exercise, and they also focus too much on the numbers on the scale.  But, I’m also learning that God has something better for me.  He wants us to crave him MORE than we crave food.  It’s a good place to have my heart and my head.

I am still dealing with the real life implications of trying to transform my own life.  I still want to eat to celebrate  I still want to just have some warm yummy fries to drown my sorrows in.  But, I am succeeding.  I’m improving every day.  My sister in law told me recently that I should focus on today.  I don’t need to worry about the past or fret over the future.  Just worry about being the most healthy ME I can be today.  Somehow that’s really really comforting.  It makes it seem smaller and more manageable.

The next hurdle is figuring out how to convince my kids that my life improvements are a good idea.  So far, the question I hear most often is “When will this end?  We want PIZZA!”

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