Parenting 101

My mom passed away this morning. We spent lots of time looking through old albums & boxes so we could prepare for her service. In the mists of the digging we came across a baby album she made just for ME! I didn’t know it existed. Something people don’t often think about is that kids adopted after a certain age don’t have baby photos. It’s always bothered me that I didn’t have those things so finding a whole book dedicated to me with pictures, cards, and notes was such a treasure.

In the midst of all the notes and pictures I found a great letter from my dad written to all 7 of us. I was 4 when it was written. It makes me laugh so hard. It is so official and so business like. And, it’s so him. We photo copied it & shared with all my siblings.

To ALL MY Children:

I will not tolerate the slovenly mess you left for your Mom tonight. I have seldom witnessed such total disorder.

It became apparent to me as I worked at making the kitchen livable for the morning that I had somehow totally neglected to observe the mess before you all retired. Then, I decided to see how deep the nature of the problem was. I did! Your mom has maintained a good sense of order which was evidenced by the materials stored away in the cabinets.

The disarray was due to you children’s lack of discipline stowing away items you have used. I observed the upstairs where your Mom had cleaned 1 week ago. It looked like a small tornado had struck (plus a few straggling decoys). CLEAN IT UP!

The kitchen was a disaster area where someone I love dearly had created something beautiful. The trouble was the residue was left to envelope the kitchen.

See you all Wednesday evening.
Love, Dad


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