Here we go again

It’s that time.  I love having my kids home, no bed time, late dinners, and freedom that summer allows, but I also love the delightful schedule of school.


Yesterday was the first day of the 2014/15 school year.  We had four kids to get up and get ready.  My three are used to the craziness of morning, but our exchange student (K) hates mornings.  He said he loves sleep more than breakfast.  I totally get where he’s coming from.  I love sleep too.  But, a teenage boy needs food so he still has to get up.

My children generally eat toast with peanut butter on it (or pop tarts if I happen to find them on a good sale) for breakfast.  Yesterday, K was late getting up so something from the toaster was his only option.  He chose toast.  After one bite he was not impressed and decided not to eat it.  I felt like a failure.  I’m positive he eats lots of things he doesn’t love just because he’s in America and we eat lots of things he’s not used to.  So, today we made him get up and gave him eggs (we knew he liked them) and lots of fresh fruit (which we knew he liked too).  My kids were weirded out by cooked breakfast. HAHA  That’s great parenting right there.

I dropped all the kids off in the morning.  K was very nervous.  The twins shouted “bye” as the car slowed and I didn’t see them again.  They were a little nervous about their lockers but apparently managed just fine.  T waited with K to get his updated schedule which I appreciated. (I found out later from a new mom he also introduced himself to some new students and welcomed them.  I love his heart).

I’d agreed to have the fan stand open after school for the first day so I showed up early and got it set up.  When I saw Tr he informed me that 6th grade is SO MUCH BETTER than 5th grade.  C apparently had matched a couple people’s outfits. K only ate his sandwich out of his lunch and had to go directly to swim team.  T said the day was great, but no time to talk as he headed to football.

It was a successful first day.  K did fall asleep on the way home.  I’m glad he’s comfortable enough to do that.




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