And, that’s why I’m better than you

One of my least favorite games is the one up game.  I don’t like it when I try to one up people and I don’t like it when people try to one up me.  It’s strange how so many of us are drawn to this behavior.  I suppose it’s some weird quirk in our human nature.

If you’re not sure what I mean here’s a couple examples –


Me: I just got a new iPhone.  I’m so excited.  I’ve been saving for two years to get one.

Other person: I have had an iPhone since they came out.  I can’t believe you don’t have one.


Other person: You have twins?

Me: Yes, they are 10.

Other person:  Well, my kids are 9 months apart and that is harder than twins.

Seriously, why do we do this?  I’m as guilty as the next person, I am sure.  I’ve noticed myself doing it and tried to examine my though process once I noticed it was happening.  Sometimes, it’s my way of identifying with the person – trying to let them know I’ve done the same thing or I understand what they’re going through to a certain degree.  Sometimes, I simply am annoyed that the other person sounds like they think they are somehow better than me.  But, it’s the really weird one ups that make me crazy.  When I hear them it’s hard not to comment on the strangeness of it all.

Some of the most odd one ups I’ve come across are (aside from the twin one above which I find super weird/funny):

–          My labor hurt more than yours

–          My kids are better than yours at sports/school/music/thinking/breathing

–          Me staying at home with my kids is better/harder than you working and taking care of your kids

–          My experiences outweigh your experiences and  license me to give you advice on parenting

–          My financial donations are better than yours

Ultimately, I feel like this comparison thing gets us nowhere simply because we are all living different lives with different experiences.  It’s impossible to prove to someone that their efforts are somehow less simply because they are not the same as our own.

I am just fascinated that once I started noticing it – I now notice it with SO MANY PEOPLE.  They don’t even know they are doing it.  Listen around you – you’ll notice it too.


Vote – Go America!

Tomorrow is Election day.  We get to vote!  What a great nation we live in.  I am so excited to go tomorrow.

Be involved.  I don’t really care which party you are aligned with (though, I prefer those that agree with me outnumber the ones who don’t, but that’s just my selfishness).  There are many men and women who have fought for you to have the right to vote.  Use it.

I remember the first time I went to vote.  My dad went with me.  It was a family thing.  And, it was exciting.  My dad has always pressed us with the responsibility to use our right to vote.  So, it was really cool to finally get to be involved in the process.

I hope you make it to the polls tomorrow or have at least mailed in your ballots.  If you’re still unsure who to vote for – check this site out:   It’s pretty cool.  You can expand the options by selecting “add more options” and get down to what you really truly believe.

Go America!

I mean it

November is considered the month to give thanks.  I like to pretend it’s thanks that I was born in November, but as we all know, it’s more about being thankful for our blessings.  Recently I’ve been noticing a trend at our house.  We say things we don’t mean and it makes us sound like we are not thankful.  We have decided to start working on it.

Here is a list of the first three phrases I know we say at our house and I’m so thankful we don’t mean:

  1. When we say ‘there’s nothing to eat’ at my house – it generally means ‘there is nothing that sounds good or that doesn’t take a lot of effort for me to make’.  We have never been close to starving no matter how low our cabinet stock has been.
  2. When we say ‘I’m freezing’ we really mean ‘My bed was so cozy and warm.  I’d rather be there than getting up to get dressed.’ We do not have to wear coats in our house and we have blankets on our beds.
  3. When we say ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ we mean ‘I wish I’d washed my favorite things to wear today’ or ‘I would rather have something different to wear’.  We all have things to put on our bodies, and we even have people who are willing to give us their perfectly good things so we don’t have to always purchase something new.


I’ve had a few people ask me recently why I blog. I have my rehearsed answer that I’ve given since I started writing (way back when – in High School). But, for some reason I was thinking about it as I was driving kids around the other day. The rehearsed answer probably isn’t the whole truth. Blogging is something I do for myself. That’s the answer I give people. I find it relaxing. It’s a way to get my feelings out that really doesn’t have anything to do with anyone. So, blogging ‘just for myself’ is partially true. But, if it were fully true – I’d just keep my blog private and not share with anyone because me reading what I write would be enough.

Instead, I make my profile public-ish. I share the link on my Facebook. It’s not a vanity thing. I admit, I used to be vain about my writing. Now, I do it so infrequently – I can tell it has degraded. Nothing I blog is polished, refined, or even proof read (the horror of it all!!!). I used to write and try to perfect things on nearly a daily basis. I didn’t understand why my friends who wanted to be writers didn’t spend more time. Now that I have a husband and children – I get it. A full wonderful life is a busy life. Each of those people are a blessing, and blessings take time to enjoy. A choice has to be made at some point and the choice is – do I continue in my hobby or do I enjoy each moment I have with the blessing of family God gave me?

I’ve come to realize that blogging in a public sphere helps me feel like others understand what I’m talking about. Even if none of my friends understand when I’m having an emotional breakdown – someone in the universe gets it and will ‘like’ my blog or will comment. It’s a camaraderie thing. It’s about misery loving company. There is something amazing about knowing that someone in Africa or Europe read the words I put down and maybe thought that it made sense.

There are days when I’m overwhelmed by the reality of life. Writing out my opinions and feelings helps me to sort through that. Having others read it and relate or read it and advise gives me comfort. It pulls me out of the little circle I live in and helps me realize the world is so much bigger. There are people out there with bigger problems that I can’t even imagine. I like to think that maybe my simple life gives them a different perspective too.

So, for those who think blogging is stupid or a waste of time – feel free to pass on reading mine. There is no greatness to be found here. My simple life documented in a quirky way is what I’m sharing.

For those who understand the desire to commiserate and enjoy the camaraderie of the online world – read away. Share your thoughts and opinions. I’m happy to have you.

Versatile Blogger Nomination

So, I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award. Thanks so much for the nomination.  I feel so honored.  I’m not exactly sure what it means, but I’m willing to go ahead and play along…


Rules for the Versatile Blogger

  1. Thank the person and/or blog for the nomination!… Once again, thank-you to Sandra at  for the nomination.
  2.  Share 7 Facts about yourself
  3.  Nominate 15 Blogs/Bloggers that I follow

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I am a happily married (16 years!!) mother of three – twins who are 10 and a 14 year old.
  2. I love Jesus and my hope is that it shows through my life rather than me having to tell every person I meet
  3. I work full time
  4. I was raised in a family of 7 children
  5. Two of my favorite things are cheese and Starbucks
  6. My favorite vacation spot is Disneyland.  I’d got multiple times a year if I could afford it
  7. I can’t seem to grow up – I’m stuck in my 20’s even though those are long gone
Here are the only blogs I follow (and therefore I nominate them all):

*disclaimer* I do not follow 15 blogs.  I haven’t found 15 that I feel I can take the time to read.  However, here are my top 10:


Thanks again and happy blogging!