Vote – Go America!

Tomorrow is Election day.  We get to vote!  What a great nation we live in.  I am so excited to go tomorrow.

Be involved.  I don’t really care which party you are aligned with (though, I prefer those that agree with me outnumber the ones who don’t, but that’s just my selfishness).  There are many men and women who have fought for you to have the right to vote.  Use it.

I remember the first time I went to vote.  My dad went with me.  It was a family thing.  And, it was exciting.  My dad has always pressed us with the responsibility to use our right to vote.  So, it was really cool to finally get to be involved in the process.

I hope you make it to the polls tomorrow or have at least mailed in your ballots.  If you’re still unsure who to vote for – check this site out:   It’s pretty cool.  You can expand the options by selecting “add more options” and get down to what you really truly believe.

Go America!