With each new school year comes the need to raise funds for our school.  I know each school is the same because I have sweet little faces at my door both at home and work offering me the chance to purchase cookie dough, magazines, sponsor a jog-a-thon, etc.  I totally understand the need to support education, athletics, technology, and the arts.  But…I literally HATE sending my kids door to door to sell cookie dough.  I don’t want the cookie dough.  I don’t need to eat it and I don’t need to store it.  My friends’ kids are all also selling cookie dough.  And, it’s become a joke that we should each just cut our schools a check rather than go through the hassle of some of the fundraisers.  You know what I mean.  I’m sure many of you have the same thing.

This year our school has decided to try something new.  They’ve set up an online platform for fundraising.  We are asking for sponsorships from people to fund the school.  But, we are also going to end our fundraising drive with a awesome event where our kids will pack 10,000 meals for other local students who are less fortunate and are not always sure they will have food available for three meals a day.  So, while we are raising funds for our school we’re also giving our kids an opportunity to serve in the local community and meet a very real need.  It’s exciting.  It’s cool to see our kids serving other kids their age who have a real need that our kids can help fill.  If you are interested at all in Christian education, helping young people who need a meal, or just in helping my family in particular – please check our our family’s page for the fundraising here.  We would love your support.  If you can’t give financially we would love your prayers for this fundraising drive as well as for the event at the end where we pack 10,000 meals. And, it’d be really great if you could pray for the kids who will receive the meals.  Thanks, friends.

F.E.A.S.T. “Funding Education And Serving Together

Here are some photos from our kickoff dinner last night.  It was an amazing time.

feast1 feast2


A Thief in the Night

We’ve been having a fundraising adventure.  We’ve been flocking homes.  The basketball boys take ‘flocks’ of plastic flamingos and stick them in people’s yards in the middle of the night.  They wake up to a yard full of pink birds.  It’s so fun!  The boys are loving it – especially since it’s like getting paid to tp someone.

Our fun got a little out of sorts yesterday when we discovered that 10 of our flamingos had been stolen from a neighborhood.  So frustrating.  Who steals from kids?  Ugh!  I am disappointed and annoyed, but I am sure it will all work out.  We’re still doing our fund raiser.  It will just take us a bit longer to fulfill the orders.

Now, who’s up for flocking their friends??

Crazy Daze

We have had such a crazy week!  Between work, kids last week of school, fundraising for basketball camp, graduation, and our anniversary – its been wild.  I feel slightly dazed by it all, but I’m trying to enjoy it as we go.  I assume it’s better to enjoy the moment than to miss it all being overwhelmed.

I have to say that I hate the big bags of stuff that come home on the last day of school.  I don’t even know (care) what most of it is.  I honestly just tell the kids to keep awards and supplies and anything else goes in the trash.  I realize this probably makes me a terrible person.   Oh well.

In the midst of all that we also had fundraising happening.  Slushies and flocking were both happening at the same time.  Slushies are done (great money maker)

and we’re still doing the flocking.

I have to say that the flocking is by far the boys favorite fundraiser.  The getting paid to do something like tp-ing is great for any teenage boy. 🙂

Last night my oldest graduated from 8th grade.  It was a good ceremony.  Short, sweet, but heartfelt.  Love that.  I managed to only shed a few tears, and focused mainly on the joy of my boy being successful.

It’s great to see our kids succeed, isn’t it?  It was cool to see on the slide show that the word his class chose to describe him was CHIVALROUS.  I take that to mean I’ve been successful so far.

Today is our anniversary.  I got to sleep in, TJ is taking me to lunch at my favorite spot, tonight we’ll watch the Celtics and eat steaks my husband will grill that will be amazing and better than any restaurant we could go to, TJ will take the boys to flock another victim person, and mainly we’ll just hang out together.  I realize that for most newly weds that doesn’t sound fun, but I find it LOVELY to have the time to spend with the man I love and to actually still love him and want to spend time hanging out.

Fundraising 101

As a mother I am amazed by how generous people are with my children.  There have been so many times I’ve been blessed beyond anything I could express.

After 14 years of parenting I’ve become quite familiar with fundraising.  It seems that all schools do it and even other groups the kids are involved in do fundraising.  There are even things I am involved in that have expected fundraising efforts.  I have come to consider myself a bit of a ‘professional fundraiser’.  I am sure that’s probably a real job.  It’s not what I do and get paid to do full time, but I still do a lot of it.

I have lead the planning for the giant benefit we do for two local community educational programs at work two out of the last three years.  I was heavily involved in the third year, but I wasn’t in charge.  I also have been in charge of the fundraising for the church’s youth group for three out of the last four years.  I didn’t do anything this last year, and I’ve noticed that no one else planned anything.  And now, I’m in charge of the fundraising for the basketball team.  The good part about being in charge of it for so many different groups  is that most fundraisers can be reused by all the groups.  People still give money and are so supportive.  It’s fantastic.

There are a few standby fundraisers that I do that are generally low effort, low overhead cost, and seem to bring in an excellent amount of money for whatever we’re raising money for.  Here are a list of my favorites:

  • Bake Sale – it seems like so many people will volunteer to bake for these and then even more people are willing to buy.  We usually have them at our office because it’s filled with hungry engineers.  We’ve also coupled them with other fundraisers and that seems to work pretty well too.
  • Car wash – as long as the kids are supervised this is a pretty great fundraiser.  The kids enjoy doing it for the most part, people will generally donate over and above the expected amount.  I think that when we ask for ‘donations’ instead of asking for a specific fee we make more.
  • Recycle drive – having everyone in the group get their family, neighbors, and friends recycle they would normally just set out for the waste management to pick up or that they would normally take in for themselves and then taking them in for cash.  This is the easiest fundraiser I’ve EVER done.  Seriously, it’s so simple and so brilliant.
  • Taco or Italian dinners – we’ve done this a lot and have always had the food donated.  We have the kids dress up and ‘wait tables’.  Sometimes we have them do a little performance, but that’s not really necessary.  Some cheap dollar store decorations (that we can reuse over and over) make the dinner complete.  Spaghetti and tacos are cheap (especially when everything is donated).

There are lots of other good fundraisers.  Believe me, you will be involved in fundraising at some point and will be searching out this blog to help you.  You’re welcome. 😀