Ending Summer with a bang

We’re back from our whirlwind vacation.


We hit very little traffic on our way (glorious) and arrived in just over the 3 hours google told us the trip would take. It probably would have been exact, but I’m a terrible traveler & always have to stop. My husband has a bladder of steal & never needs to pull over. Needless to say, he is generally displeased with the kids and my inability to ‘just hold it’.

We arrived at the amazing home we were staying in, unloaded the car, & immediately went swimming. The weather was 30 degrees cooler than we’re used to & the pool was heated. It felt perfect!



Then, we went for a picnic. There was a lovely redwood area with a park. We got to relax, eat, and enjoy wandering around.




We went back & the boys played basketball while the girls swam. The house had an amazing basketball court & hoop. My boys were impressed!



We finished the night with dinner, more swimming & Mama had some margaritas. 😊


The rest of the weekend we hung out with various friends, laid by the pool, ate more than we should, played cards, and just relaxed!



We did take a quick trip to the beach. It was a little too cool for most of us to get in, but we still had fun.

This was the first vacation that we have been on where I didn’t try to fill every waking moment with something to do. I am a doer. I want to be doing something all the time. Something about doing things calms & relaxes me. My daughter is the same. She loves a good plan just like her mom. But, my husband and sons are not doers. They like to pause & just be. This trip was the first we had time to just be. It turned out wonderful. And, truth be told I feel pretty relaxed from just hanging out too.



Now, all three kids leave for a few days with my mother in law. They arrive back in time to go to my company picnic. Then, two days later Cora & I have a trip to the neurologist we are doing our best to make into a girlie trip. Our exchange student arrives soon after that. I’m so very thankful we got to spend just a few days relaxing before we end this summer with a bang!








I am finding it hard to believe that school starts this next week.  Mid August seems like an odd time to start school.  We never went back until September.  I know, I know – I’m old.  But, seriously – mid August?  Crazy talk!

Before I start fully complaining let me say that I know the reason we set up the schedule like we do is so it matches the public schools in the area and families are all on vacation at the same time.  Got it.

Reasons I don’t care about the logic of the scheduling:

1. It’s the hottest part of the summer for us.  That means that going out shopping for school supplies etc is a horrible chore.

2. I have to buy clothes that work for warm weather for school.  Pretty much it increase what I have to purchase wardrobe for the kids.  DISLIKE

3. Summer is shorter!  I love the organization of the school year, but I enjoy my summer too.  I want to enjoy both.

4. I think everyone should do what I do so they should all be at our school on the same vacations.  Catering to the few who are affected by the vacation thing is weird to me.

5. I am selfish. HAHAHAHA

Come on, Summer!

Summer is seriously my favorite time of year.  I adore the sun warming me until my skin is brown and I feel my muscles relax.  I love the long evenings with my family – eating on the patio, hanging out on the porch when it starts to cool off.  I covet the long evenings because I work all day and it’s MY time.

This summer is leaving a lot to be desired.  The summer rains are at an all time high this year and we’ve only had two days over 100 degrees.  This is not satisfactory summer for me.  I want it to be warm enough for swimming, boating, and tanning.

We plan to camp a couple weekends this summer, but we decided to wait and see if July is warmer.  This cool summer doesn’t make camping sound fun at all.  Being cold in a tent while trying to sleep is the worst!

I have managed to grow a tomato.  Just one so far, but I am sure many more will follow (you know how tomatoes do).  I can’t wait to make some Pico de Gayo! Yummy!  Really anything with garden fresh tomatoes is the best.

So, this is me saying “COME ON SUMMER!” I’m ready for warmth and good times.

Basketball camp

The week after school is always basketball camp for my boys.  It was strange to have my older son have three other things (still basketball) scheduled for this week, and have him NOT attend the same camp he’s been attending for years.  My youngest still went and he is loving it.

The first day only he and I were up early.  He got ready and then he said “You know, I love basketball, but NOTHING should start at 8am on the first day of summer”.  Hm, yes – I have to agree.

We headed off to camp.  It was cold and raining and weird for June.  But, we got there and I walked him in.  I said “do you want me to wait with you until your friends get here?”  He looked at me with a look of ARE YOU KIDDING!?! and said “No thanks, I’m good.”. So different from his siblings.  But, I understood his wanting to ‘look cool’ so I left.

I got a chance to go back and watch him play and he did awesome (he’s the one with the good hands up on defense).

Today when we were headed out to camp I said to him (my quiet anti-social son) “You know, there is an award they give at the end of this camp for the boy who is helpful, outgoing and friendly to the new players.  Maybe you could win that?”  He sat quiet for a minute and then he said “Yeah, that’s not going to work out.  I don’t like talking and I don’t like being friendly to people.” Then he gave a little shrug.  It made me laugh.  He is so comfortable with who he is.

I know his favorite part of the week has been hanging out with buddies and playing ball.  But, my favorite part has been getting to spend those rare moments with just one kid, chatting with him, eating breakfast with him and enjoying his individual-ness.  It’s a great thing to be a mom.


Not so quiet

On the first Saturday of summer my husband woke up at 7am.  Yes, it’s true.  He left me ‘sleeping’ and woke all three kids up.  They went outside to get started on the yard work before it got too hot.  (Yesterday’s temperature of 102 degrees made him worry about doing midday yard work).

Saturday is the ONLY day I get to sleep in.  Seriously, the only day.  And, by sleep in – I mean I stay asleep until 8am.  So, while I am so happy that tons of yard work got done.  I dislike being awake early.

I do love that they all thought I was still sleeping.  However, their idea of being quiet is not the same as mine.  They opened and shut cupboards, yelled to one another from upstairs and down and vice versa.  My oldest said “Is Mom home?” and my twins replied “Yes, but she’s sleeping in so be really quiet.”  This conversation took place DIRECTLY OUTSIDE my bedroom door.

Then they went outside.  My oldest used the weed eater to clear the weeds right under my bedroom window.  Boy twin was hammering something nearby and girl twin was complaining loudly that the weeds were hurting her fingers and soon she would have ugly blisters on them.  I heard lots of encouragement and direction from my husband toward the kids too.  Also “When your mom wakes up she will be so happy with all your work.” 🙂  Classic.

After about 30 minutes I had to get up.  Once I’m awake laying in bed isn’t as fun as I always think it will be.  I did get to recline on the couch and eat my breakfast in ‘quiet’.   The kids came in a little while later and said ‘we’re working on a surprise for you!”

It was great that they did 3 hours of yard work and it’s not even 100 degrees yet.  Now, they are off to the pool to refresh themselves from working so hard and from keeping so quiet. 😀