Do stuff

We are people who do stuff.  This is what we have been labeled by people who label families. At first I thought it was an odd description, but after a bit I realized it’s true.  We are not good at not doing stuff.  We enjoy doing stuff.  We are, in fact, people who do stuff.

The stuff we do is varied and almost always entertaining.  And, I’m positive our kids are learning from our example that doing stuff is actually a good thing.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to just sit around the house from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.  My mind cannot even comprehend such a situation.  (Though, I don’t mind a little relaxation…)

The thing is, I really hope our lives are about more than just the doing of stuff. I think our lives should be about the stuff we do. And, I hope that people notice when we do stuff it’s not just to fill the time with random activities. We want to be people who are doing stuff that makes a difference. We want to be people who love other people. We want to be people who care for other people. We want to be family to kids who need families. We want to be mentors to kids who need mentors. Ultimately, we want to show Jesus through the stuff we do. It’s all well & good to be busy people who do lots of stuff, but if we lose sight of our one real job – the command to go and share the gospel – well, our busyness means nothing. If people cannot look at us and notice a difference then we need to examine our busyness & re-evaluate.


Crazy Daze

We have had such a crazy week!  Between work, kids last week of school, fundraising for basketball camp, graduation, and our anniversary – its been wild.  I feel slightly dazed by it all, but I’m trying to enjoy it as we go.  I assume it’s better to enjoy the moment than to miss it all being overwhelmed.

I have to say that I hate the big bags of stuff that come home on the last day of school.  I don’t even know (care) what most of it is.  I honestly just tell the kids to keep awards and supplies and anything else goes in the trash.  I realize this probably makes me a terrible person.   Oh well.

In the midst of all that we also had fundraising happening.  Slushies and flocking were both happening at the same time.  Slushies are done (great money maker)

and we’re still doing the flocking.

I have to say that the flocking is by far the boys favorite fundraiser.  The getting paid to do something like tp-ing is great for any teenage boy. 🙂

Last night my oldest graduated from 8th grade.  It was a good ceremony.  Short, sweet, but heartfelt.  Love that.  I managed to only shed a few tears, and focused mainly on the joy of my boy being successful.

It’s great to see our kids succeed, isn’t it?  It was cool to see on the slide show that the word his class chose to describe him was CHIVALROUS.  I take that to mean I’ve been successful so far.

Today is our anniversary.  I got to sleep in, TJ is taking me to lunch at my favorite spot, tonight we’ll watch the Celtics and eat steaks my husband will grill that will be amazing and better than any restaurant we could go to, TJ will take the boys to flock another victim person, and mainly we’ll just hang out together.  I realize that for most newly weds that doesn’t sound fun, but I find it LOVELY to have the time to spend with the man I love and to actually still love him and want to spend time hanging out.